Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last post of Media & Society class

This class has been the most interesting class I've ever taken. I learned a lot of new history of media that I never knew before and it got a great amount of my attention. Although I'm not a big fan of books, the books that were assigned to us on behave of Rob were very interesting and I was very interested in the books. I think Rob is a very good instructor because journalism is his passion and this class brings that passion out of him and gets students attention in class. The only thing I would suggest to change a little is going in depth about a certain topic to get other point of views in the class. I wouldn't recommend cutting anything even though some topics that we talk about get pretty lengthy and it's fine. The homework we were assigned was interesting as well and kept me on track in class too.I would for sure recommend this class to any of my friends and of course I'd recommend this instructor.

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